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Are you ready to break free from your anxiety and say yes to the life you were meant for?

  • Are you tired of your mind being stuck in overdrive, constantly obsessing over every tiny little thing?
  • Are you dragging yourself through the day because your racing thoughts keep you up at night?
  • Are you too afraid to put yourself out there? To take a chance on your dreams or be your true self in your relationships?
  • Do you feel like you just can’t deal sometimes? Like anxiety will just inevitably be a part of your life?
  • Do you need help developing healthy, life-giving systems and beliefs to get through stressful situations with ease and confidence?

Well, you’re not alone. So many of us have suffered from dream-crushing, soul-sucking  anxiety—myself included. It can poison every aspect of your life—your self-esteem, your relationships, your work—everything suffers when worry takes over your mind. 

And if you’ve lived with anxiety, I bet you’ve followed all kinds of well-intended advice. You’ve probably been to a traditional therapist who worked with you on your childhood issues. Who told you... Think positive! Let go of the past! And get more sleep!

Or, maybe, you just got a prescription from your doctor. Or you drink. Or you isolate yourself.  All unhealthy quick-fixes with harmful side effects.

Some of these approaches may make you feel a little better. For a little while. But the anxiety always rears its big ol’ ugly head again, never allowing you to live your life fully. 

But there is a way, my friends. There is a way to cure your anxiety, not just cope with it. Believe me, you don’t have to struggle with anxiety anymore.

You can live a life that you absolutely love. And all without a prescription. 


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Heal your anxiety by redefining your mind, body and soul!


Freedom From Anxiety integrates psychology, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and lifestyle design to give you the all-natural approach to beating anxiety.

This program empowers you to understand the various root causes of your anxiety and then cure them with powerful mind-body-soul techniques. When you're done, you'll have all the resources you need to face your fears with confidence and nurture a calm mind and body.

You can live anxiety free. Here’s how.

In this 6-week program, you’ll learn why the only way to effectively treat anxiety is to address the full range of your anxiety causes and symptoms. With this in mind, I created this powerful program which uses:

  • Nutritional and herbal counselling to tell you if your diet is making your anxiety worse and how to use food, herbs, supplements and eating routines to facilitate healing
  • Natural healing practices—like yoga, meditation and breathing techniques—that re-balance your nervous system and give you the strength to kick anxiety to the curb
  • Advanced therapeutic techniques to help you transform dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts into powerful, loving ones instead  
  • The lifestyle design resources you need to live your most fulfilling life— to show up in every job and relationship as your true, beautiful self and have the courage to express yourself fully
  • Positive psychology practices that will get you envisioning the new, radiant you and building the life-affirming beliefs to get you there
  • Plus … a full-proof system for accountability so you can turn your new anxiety healing practices into habits that stick

To get all of the benefits of these practices on your own, you’d have to go to a therapist, a yoga teacher, a health practitioner, a nutritionist and a life coach. Then, you'd have to figure out how to get all these approaches work together so you can get the most out of each practice.

This could cost you upwards $10,000 a year. And more time than you should be willing to waste prolonging your anxiety.

But with the Freedom From Anxiety program, you get it all in 6 weeks. And at one low price.

I’ve successfully healed hundreds of people around the world with this very approach. But my 1-to-1 practice was expensive for clients and packed my schedule—not giving me the time I needed to reach the millions of people around the globe struggling with anxiety every day.

That’s why I created the Freedom from Anxiety program. To help people like you—no matter where you are, or what your budget is—beat anxiety without having to waste your time on expensive, ineffective methods or damaging medication.

Together, we’ll set you up with a strong foundation for success, by designing a personalized, fully comprehensive anxiety-free life plan.

And when we’re through, you’ll feel a dramatic improvement in your anxiety—along with an amazing sense of relief and excitement to move forward with your new life plan.

And when we’re through, you’ll feel a dramatic improvement in your anxiety—along with an amazing sense of relief and excitement to move forward with your new life plan.

Over the six months that follow, you’ll feel like a new person, free from anxiety and confidently living a fulfilling, honest and courageous life.

No more beating yourself up. No constant worry and fear. Just living and loving each and every moment. 

And the only side effects are love, peace, and personal growth.

Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • A comprehensive set of tools and systems for living anxiety free, so you can stop wasting time and get to living a life you love!
  • Unlimited access to the Freedom from Anxiety library—full of over 20 helpful cheat sheets, exercises, worksheets, guided audio meditations, nutrition-packed anti-anxiety meal plans and more!
  • An amazing community of highly-focused, intentional livers from the Freedom From Anxiety Facebook group that will provide support and mentorship to get you over any and every hurdle you might hit along your journey.
  • 90 minutes of live coaching from me for each week, and 30 minutes of live Q&A each week. And you’ll have unlimited access to the recordings, so you can get a refresher on what you learned whenever you need it most.
  • Plus, over $1000 in bonuses! Extra goodies for you to deep dive into each week to keep your momentum going and really master some of my favorite anti-anxiety practices.
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Here’s what we’ll do each week:

Module 1: Cultivating Kindness, Compassion and Imagination

In module one, we’ll set the stage for healing by taking a good look at your anxiety, and pinpointing your unique causes and triggers. We’ll break down why a holistic approach is necessary for true healing and why traditional anxiety management practices fall short.

Then, you’ll learn to master the most important skill for curing anxiety: Self-compassion! I’ll also teach you how to visualize and embody a new, confident identity for yourself, and how to use this new identity to guide you forward through the course.

Module 2: Setting Solid Physical Foundation

During module two, we’ll dive into biochemistry and the factors that profoundly affect your anxiety, like hormones, neurotransmitters, gut problems, allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and more. You’ll learn at-home ways to figure out how your body is affecting your mind, and vice-versa.

I’ll help you create an ideal diet, with expert insight into anxiety-fighting superfoods, as well as the herbs, supplements, and eating routines that can change the anxiety game overnight. We’ll also cover the key lifestyle factors and routines for nipping anxiety in the bud.

Module 3: Mindfulness & Natural Healing Techniques

In module 3, we’re digging into healthy coping habits that naturally tap into the ‘relaxation response’ and calm you down during those high-anxiety moments. We’ll also talk about mindfulness—one of my favorite anxiety busters—and explore all the transformative ways of tapping into it, so you can find what fits you best!

Then, you’ll learn to use mindfulness to let go of unhealthy, self-limiting thought patterns so you can start creating new, constructive ways to talk to yourself.

Module 4: Building New Beliefs & Acting Courageously

Module 4 is chock-full of exercises to help you identify and rewire your negative belief systems—where all those harmful thoughts that creep into your brain come from—and replace them with a new compassionate, self-affirming life philosophy. You'll uncover the key negative beliefs that you've developed unconsciously for decades—and the top 5 negative core beliefs that I see across people who struggle with anxiety.

Then, with your new, confidence building belief system in place, you’ll learn how to start facing down your fears—whatever they are—and showing up with courage and authenticity to any situation.

Module 5: Living True to You

In module 5, you’ll get crystal clear on how to design a life that honors your values, strengths, and needs, and as a result, naturally reaffirms and strengthens your confidence. This will set the stage for how you’ll create and improve your everyday environment to align with who you truly are.

These exercises will focus on relationships and career, huge anxiety triggers for so many of us, because a bad relationship or a job that doesn’t align with your values (and instead makes you want to hide under the covers every morning) creates the perfect storm for anxiety. So we’re gonna get you expressing yourself—with nothing but authenticity—in any and every situation.

Module 6: Design Your Life and Stay Committed

In module 6, I’m going to hand you the keys to long-lasting success. We tie everything together and create a plan for moving forward with an anxiety-free life. I’ll give you actionable steps for setting routines and sticking to your newfound anti-anxiety lifestyle—joyfully holding yourself accountable and celebrating your successes every step of the way. You’ll have everything you need to ensure you keep making progress toward the anxiety-free, living-life-to-the-fullest self you envisioned in week one!


You'll Get Access To Exclusive Bonuses

Here are the amazing bonuses you get for free if you sign up today!

  • Anxiety And The Mind-Body Connection : Masterclass (Value - $250)
  • 3 Anxiety-Reducing Meditations : Meditation Series (Value - $120)
  • Yoga Flow For Soothing Panic Attacks : Video Training (Value - $150)
  • Tapping For Anxiety : Video Training (Value - $150)
  • Cultivating Mindfulness Through Art : Guided Training (Value - $50)
  • Core Beliefs for Confident Living : Masterclass (Value - $250)


To provide a more personal, supportive experience, enrollment is limited. Enrollment opens only twice a year. To learn more and be notified of our next enrollment period, get on the waitlist.


Your Coach

Hi! I’m Caitlin, an award-winning Holistic Life Coach in Brooklyn, New York and creator of the Freedom From Anxiety program. Well, that’s who I am now, anyway.

Ten years ago, though, I was an over-anxious and under-confident woman, hiding behind a lot of masks, makeup, and medication. I searched for a cure for my anxiety for years—always looking for the magic bullet. The one thing I could do, say or think that would end my self-critical agony.

But nothing ever worked, because all the specialists I went to had a limited understanding of my anxiety. Psychologists told me about the chemical imbalance in my brain. Yoga teachers told me I had energy stuck somewhere in my body. Dieticians told me I ate too many carbs. Coaches told me I was too focused on the negative. Partial explanations and partial solutions.

I realized that if I wanted to find a truly transformative, integrative solution, I had to create it myself. I studied behavioral therapy, positive psychology, nutrition and herbs, energy sciences, movement-based healing and relationship management for over a decade. I researched thousands of tools and tested how they work together. Eventually, I cracked the code, and truly healed my anxiety. I stepped into a new, confident and self-loving version of myself.

And there was no turning back. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to beat the anxiety epidemic taking over this world through a holistic and methodical approach. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve you and to nurture a loving community of calm and confidence hearts.


To provide a more personal, supportive experience, enrollment is limited. Enrollment opens only twice a year. To learn more and be notified of our next enrollment period, get on the waitlist.

100% Money Back Guarantee


Freedom From Anxiety is a practical, comprehensive program developed after years of training and practice. I’m extremely confident that Freedom From Anxiety will help you understand and uproot the root causes of your anxiety and heal your mind, body and soul.

I know it works because it's the exact same process that's helped hundreds of my clients get life-changing results. But I also want to give you an opportunity to experience this amazing program - and if you don’t feel dramatically better when we’re done, then I’m offering you 100% of your money back.

All I ask is this: you’ve got to do the work, and really commit to giving this program all you’ve got. If you go through all six modules, complete every exercise, and really use the tools I give you (you have to show me proof!), and you’re not happy with your results, then you’re entitled to a full money back guarantee. No questions asked, just a thanks for giving it a shot.

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To provide a more personal, supportive experience, enrollment is limited. Enrollment opens only twice a year. To learn more and be notified of our next enrollment period, get on the waitlist.


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